Monday, March 25, 2013

ownCloud OpenShift Quickstart Update

Back in September, I wrote up how to get ownCloud running on the OpenShift Online.  Since then there have been several versions of ownCloud released and I went through and updated the ownCloud quickstart to use the latest bits.

As part of this update and in preparation for my talk at Red Hat Summit 2013 I also have been working with OpenShift Enterprise to develop an on-premise, private cloud solution that is a DropBox clone.  I'll have details on how to set this up in another blog entry either here or at my Company's Blog - An Open View.

For this version, I'm working with the HA-Proxy configurations to build a complete solution that has auto-scaling inherently built-in and has a strong security foundation.

Stay tune for details.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Mongo and Hibernate OGM

The next article in our series looking at different Java frameworks is out and it covers Hibernate OGM.  My colleague, Ken, took a look at OGM and came up with an expanded sample application that is more in the JEE mold - complete with JPA, REST, and other JEE goodness. You can check out our mongo-odm sample project over at Vizuri's GitHub repository.

Hibernate OGM provides Java Persistence (JPA) support for NoSQL solutions. It reuses Hibernate Core's engine but persists entities into a NoSQL data store like MongoDB or Infinispan.

In addition to OGM, Hibernate Search and Lucene are important components.  Check out the article  here and check out the project from the  Vizuri GitHub repository.  This is a JEE stack application and includes some Arquillian tests to get you started fairly quickly.

As always, comments are highly encouraged.