Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Proxy Error 502, Wordpress, and OpenShift

I host the DC JBoss Users Group wordpress site (http://www.dcjbug.com) out on Openshift. This Site serves as an aggregation portal for out meetup events, jboss.org page and other interesting JBoss content.

Occasionally run into 502 Proxy Errors. After some research, I discovered that in my case it is because I routinely exceed my Disk Quota.

 I have added the WordPress Database Backup plugin and use that to periodically back up my wordpress database. However, its clearly the culprit here as the output quickly chews up free disk space.

To recover from this, remove the old backups from the server. I should add a cron job to do this, but for now, here are the manual steps that I follow:

  • ssh into my blog app on openshift ssh 
  • navigate to the wp-content directory 
    • cd app-root/runtime/repo/php/wp-content/backup-#### 

  • remove old backups 
    •  rm blog_wp_201208* 
  • logout 
  • restart the application on OpenShift 
    • rhc app restart -a blog -l {your_openshift_login}

 And magically the DC JBUG Blog is back online.
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