Sunday, August 26, 2012

Long Live the Bazaar Model

In a recent ACM Queue article, Poul-Henning Kamp wisely named his article - "Quality happens only when someone is responsible for it".  But I am not convinced by his claim that the Bazaar model for software engineering is a failure and is the cause for increasing complexity and lack of quality in software.

Unfortunately, to debate this article would be difficult without having a way to measure or define quality.  Fortunately, the Bazaar Model and the Open Source community have given us great tools to inspect and measure weaknesses in our code.

Some of my favorites are -

Nemo -
Leverages static code analysis to inspect many of the popular OSS projects out there.

Ohloh -
A community driven forum for evaluating OSS projects.

Unix has clearly moved past its adolescent days.  And large systems are certainly getting more complex. But I believe that this is an effect of software entropy and not whether the software was developed in the wild or in a large cathedral.
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