Monday, July 11, 2011

Seven reasons you should use Java again - O'Reilly Radar

In Edd Dumbhill's article Seven reasons you should use Java again - O'Reilly Radar, he makes the case that despite the proclamations that Java is a dying language, it is in fact just as strong as ever.  The maturing IDE's, a large workforce, and a healthy ecosystem all are compelling reasons.  Of course, I could make the same case for .Net, Php, Ruby, and Python.  And while developers may gripe about the overly verbose Java language, Java the platform certainly helps JRuby perform better.

Interesting though that the slow adoption of change in the language is a reason why enterprises will continue to embrace java.  Sure everyone likes innovation, but not when it makes all of your current technology investments obsolete.

But all the benefits aside, the number one reason to tread lightly into the Java language is none other than Oracle.  Their demands from Google regarding Android are troubling.  The way Oracle initially started to strong-arm Hudosn that forced the creation of Jenkins was loudly rejected by the java community - leaving Oracle no choice but to donate the project to the Eclipse Foundation.  LibreOffice and OpenOffice follow a similar story.

Yet while Oracle's behavior regarding Java is enough to raise concern about its future, there is something reassuring about a community that stands up and rejects these actions and forces Oracle to rethink their strategy.

So perhaps the most important reason to use Java and support the ecosystem of developers and tools is that, to paraphase Burke, 'All that is necessary for Oracle to triumph is for good developers to do nothing'.
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