Saturday, July 02, 2011

Project Kataferno:: Katello - Getting My Feet Wet

As part of my 'Project Kataferno', I've been working on bringing the principles of Continuous Integration to IT System provisioning and management.  More to come on this later.  For now, as part of my R&D efforts, I began hacking away at Katello.  If you're not familiar with the project, it is the next generation replacement for Red Hat's Satellite Server that was announced at the 2011 Red Hat Summit. Presentation slides about it are available here: The Future of Red Hat Network Satellite: A New Architecture Enabling Traditional Datacenters & the Cloud


Katello is comprised of 3 main open-source projects - PulpCandlepin, and Foreman


Katello Architecture

Of these projects, Foreman is the most mature and it's integration with Puppet means that the future of System Provisioning & Management is one that embraces infrastructure automation - a must have in today's datacenters and cloud environments.

So far I've only made it thru the install process which was relatively painless, but did have a few potholes in the road.  I'll go into this in a later post, but as a hint, my issues were with installing Katello itself via the 6Server repository.  There are a few missing rubygems rpm packages.  The workaround is to 'gem install bundle' and follow the instructions for install katello from source.


More to come later....

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