Sunday, July 17, 2011

Comments on: Who leads the Java parade? - OReilly Radar

@mikeloukides article Who leads the Java parade? - OReilly Radar asks who will fill the Java leadership void now that Sun is absorbed by article.

However, he misses one of the biggest Java company leaders out there - Red Hat and their JBoss division.  Hibernate shaped the JPA JSR.  Seam, not Spring, drove the CDI (formerly WebBeans) JSR.  JBoss AS 7 and its blazing speed are potential game-changers in the JEE space.

Torquebox while being a JRuby container leverages JBoss AS to provide the some of the fastest Rails hosting out there.  Drools is innovating the Rule space.  And HornetQ has broken JMS SPEC records .

Infinispan will play a big role in Data Clouds and caching tiers, especially with the addition of Hibernate OGM.


So who leads the Java Parade?   Obviously, its the most innovative java company.

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