Thursday, February 05, 2009

What Ails You Information System?

1. Sisyphus Syndrome

System always engaged in menial, mundane tasks. System can't change; cursed to continue the same tasks

2. Generational Loss

Loss of quality of data between subsequent copies of data. Typically each copy only retrieves the information needed at that time and results in the 'excess and unnecessary' information being filtered out.

3. Information Bulimia

From James Governor: "A disorder common amongst information intermediaries, characterized by episodic binge data collection followed by uncontrollable vomiting and purging, leading to information leakage and theft."

4. Anorexic Data

Possibly due to hardware constraints or some other resource constraint, systems will refuse to load data, essentially starving itself for the sake of keeping an ideal size and neglecting its inherent need for information.

5. Data Binging

With no apparent need or request for information, the system will experience periodic data collections while losing control over what information it is collecting. This is different from Information Bulimia as there is no purging of the information.

6. System Sloth

System is slow to respond to requests. Usually due to current system load or the delay in correlating multiple sources of data before being able to respond to a request.

7. Information Decay

Also known as the Basic Information Theorem (B.I.T.). Over time certain values of data will decay with regards to its accuracy. Examples of this are stock prices, phone numbers and addresses, and/or inventory/stock on hand.

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